Fall 2023 Edition

AWRA Student Chapter at University of Washington

Celebrates Earth Day

By Dr. Faisal Hossain - University of Washington Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering

The AWRA student chapter at University of Washington celebrated Earth Day in April in collaboration with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (CEE). The chapter took part in two exhibitions on campus and showcased sustainability-related research and success stories to the public. This was the first major activity of the chapter since COVID after it was recently re-established thanks to efforts of new student members of CEE (see http://students.washington.edu/awra/). AWRA-WA section is grateful to Shahzaib Khan (current President) for getting the chapter re-established on campus through the University student activities office. Matthew Bonner, an environmental engineering student, led the representation of CEE and partnered with the AWRA chapter to educate the public on the impact of sustainability-related research on campus.

AWRA Student Chapter President Shahzaib Khan (right) and Environmental Engineering student Matthew Bonner (left) showcasing sustainability-related research on UW campus for Earth Day 2023.

AWRA and CEE participation of Earth Day event on campus in April 2023


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