State Conference

The Washington chapter hosts an annual State Conference which brings together a diverse group of water resource professionals from across the state.  Topics vary widely from year to year.

Past Conferences

2021 Transboundary Water Management and Water Market Trends

2020 The Challenges of Change: How Washington is Responding to Interdisciplinary Changes to Water Resources

2019 Water Resources Planning and Implementation: Challenges, Complexity, and Uncertainty

2018 Hirst, Foster, Boldt, and Beyond: A New Era of Water Management?

2017 The 100 Year Anniversary of the Washington Water Code: Where We Came From and Where We’re Going

2016 Rural Domestic and Municipal Water Supply

2015 Water Management Strategies in the Face of Climate Change

2014 Water Resources Infrastructure: Emerging Frameworks to Meet Multiple Objectives

2013 Future Directions in Water Resource Management

2012 The Columbia River, Basin and Treaty

2011 A Perspective on Water Quality Issues across Washington State

2010 Water Rights: Investing in 21st Century Water Management

2009 AWRA National Conference, hosted by WA-AWRA

2008 The Future of Water Storage in Washington State

2007 Transboundary Water Resources of Washington State and British Columbia

2006 Water Resource Disasters in Washington: Risk and Recovery

2005 AWRA National Conference, hosted by WA-AWRA

2004 The Impact of Climate Change on Pacific Northwest Water Resources

2003 Water’s Woven Web: Land Use Planning and Water Resource Management in Washington

2002 Beyond Watershed Planning

2001 The Impact of Drought on Water Resources and Energy Management in the Northwest

2000 Water Marketing in Washington: Negotiating for a Future

1999 Impressions of 1999 State Water Legislation-Including ESA Update and Pending 4(d) Rules

1998 ESA, Economy, Salmon and Agriculture…Where is the Water?

1997 Balancing Instream Needs with Out-of-Stream Demands

1996 The Water ‘Crisis’- Myth, Reality, and Opportunities

1995 Water Quality/Water Quantity: An Artificial Distinction

1994 Fluvial Geomorphology: What We’ve learned in 20 Years, and where do we go from here?

Interactions: River Dynamics, Land Forms and Land Use.

1993 Good Science, Good Decisions: The Role of Technical Analysis in Water Policy

1992 Reconciling Water and Growth

1991 State Water Policy and Growth Management

1990 Construction and Streams, Lakes and Wetlands: Closing the Gap between Planning and Doing

1989 New Developments in Floodplain Management

1988 Hydrology and Erosion Aspects of Timberland-Urban Conversions

1987 Attaining Compliance: Realities of Water Quality Regulation

1986 Off-site Impacts of Eroding Soils

1984 Groundwater Protection in Washington State, Preventing Aquifer Contamination and Depletion

1983 Small Streams and Lakes in the Urbanizing Environment-Will They Survive?

1982 Washington and Idaho Lakes and Their Future

1981 Water Resources Implications for Small Hydro Power Generation


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