Announcing the Annual AWRA Washington State Chapter Photo Contest


The photo contest will be conducted in conjunction with the Annual Conference of the Washington Section of the American Water Resources Association, to be held in Ellensburg on September 11-13, 2012.  This has been a big success in the past, and we look forward to your participation.


We’d like to see your best photos submitted in the following categories:

·       Water in the Columbia Basin

·       Humans and Water (includes infrastructure)

·       Wildlife and Water


Recognition will be given for the top three overall winners in each category, with each winning a complementary admission to an upcoming AWRA-WA dinner meeting. The winner in each category will receive a prize of $100.  Finalists in each category will also be displayed at the conference.


Submissions are due by September 4, 2012 via email to:



  • Please submit photos one at a time (5 photo maximum per person and 5 MB limit per photo).  JPEG format only please.

  • Photos may have a low pixel resolution in order to meet the 5 MB size limit.  Higher resolution photos will be requested from finalists. 

  • In the submission email, include your full name, email, phone number, and address, category for submission, as well as a short caption.

  • Each photo file should have a unique name followed by your first initial and last name.

Judging will be conducted by UW student chapter members and WA state chapter board members. Contact Peter Sturtevant at 425-233-3284 or if you have questions.


We look forward to seeing your beautiful photos!


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