AWRA-WA Annual Conference

September 26, 2013

Mountaineers Seattle Program Center, Seattle WA


Keynote Speaker: Maia Bellon, Director of the Department of Ecology



8:00-8:10 am     Welcome by co-chairs:    

Chris Pitre, Golder Associates and Megan Kogut, University of Washington


8:10-8:40 am    Keynote Speech               

Maia Bellon, Esq., Director of WA Department of Ecology


8:40-10:10 am    Session 1: Drivers and Opportunities

Moderator: Tom Ring, Yakama Nation

New Directions, New Opportunities
Over-appropriation, population growth and climate change pressures on Washington’s water resources. Brief examination of existing laws, policies and case law.
Rachael Paschal Osborn, Esq., Center for Environmental Law and Policy

Instream Flow Rules
Traditional water law is being replaced with holistic approaches considering ecosystem habitat, providing mitigation frameworks and treaty obligations.
Ann Wessel, WA Department of Ecology

In/Out-of-Kind/Place Mitigation
How to advance water allocation objectives by pulling together key stakeholders and a package of innovative technical solutions.
Rich Hoey, City of Olympia


10:30 am - 12:00 pm        Session 2: Re-Allocation & Storage

Moderator: Tyson Carlson, Aspect Consulting

Surface Water Storage
The role of surface water storage in future water management: in-channel, off-channel, pump storage. Realistic perspectives across Washington State.
Bob Montgomery, Anchor QEA

Groundwater Storage
Determination of recoverable quantity; water quality regulations (WAC 173-200), and what’s needed to advance ASR projects in Washington State.
Chris Pitre, Golder Associates

Water Banking/Markets
Structure, establishment, ownership, privatization, and water banks. Flexibility to accommodate different parts of the state.
Bob Barwin, WA Department of Ecology


12:20-12:50 pm     Lunch Presentation: "The Changing Footprint of Water Use in the Columbia Valley from A to V (from Alfalfa to Viticulture).”
Tuck Russell


1:00-2:30 pm       Session 3: Frameworks and Basin Solutions 

Moderator: Jason McCormick, Washington Water Trust

Innovation in Flow Restoration and Water Banking
Review of restoring stream flows within the Dungeness, Walla Walla, Kittitas and Skagit Basins.
Amanda Cronin, Washington Water Trust

Yakima Basin Integrated Plan
Pros and cons of the Integrated Plan. Net benefits and the process of reconciling differences.

Steve Malloch, Esq., Western Water Futures

Wenatchee Instream Flow Rule
Use of instream flow rules to provide water using conservation, instream flow projects, reservations under OCPI, and mitigation structures.
Mike Kaputa, Chelan County Natural Resource Department


2:50-4:40 pm       Session 4: Leadership, Legislation and Policies (Panel Session)

Moderator: Adam Gravley, Esq., Van Ness Feldman LLP. 

Panelists will reflect on the key issues of the conference presentations and offer their perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in the future directions in water resource management. They will also discuss how to navigate the increasingly complex hurdles and new tools in water resources and the search for flexibility and leadership to implement policies in different regions.

Bruce Wishart, Esq., Western Water Futures
Laura Merrill, Washington State Association of Counties
Sharon Haensly, Esq., Squaxin Island Indian Tribe
Tom Tebb, WA Department of Ecology


4:40-4:45 pm     Closing by co-chairs

Chris Pitre, Golder Associates and Megan Kogut, University of Washington


4:45-5:00 pm     Annual Section Report

5:00-7:00 pm     Reception




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