Western Snow Conference (Non AWRA Event)

  • 21 May 2012
  • 24 May 2012
  • Anchorage, Alaska

The 80thth annual Western Snow Conference will be held in
Anchorage, Alaska this year. The theme for this upcoming year's conference is
"Bright lights and winter nights – working with extremes".


You are invited to submit an abstract of 150-300 words by February 15, 2012 for an oral or a poster presentation online to Scott Pattee at this email address: scott.pattee@wa.usda,gov. Please indicate either “oral” or “poster” with your submission, and lead author’s name, address, phone, FAX, and email.


Some topics to consider for submission of papers are Climate Impacts on Snow and Runoff, Water Management, Water Supply Forecasting, Runoff Modeling, Permafrost, Data Collection, Arctic and Subarctic Research and Climatology of Snow.  Please try to develop your paper to fit one of these or similar topics if possible.


Additional conference information and links about lodging, short course, agenda, technical tour and spouse tour will be available at: http://www.westernsnowconference.org/


Please share this Call for Papers with other friends and colleagues that may be interested.  Best regards for a good snow year.



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