Student Fellowships

Two fellowships are offered annually to Washington State Students. One, the Rod Sakrison Memorial Fellowship Award, is awarded to a member of an AWRA Student Chapter at a Washington school. In 2007 the AWRA-WA board of directors dedicated this award to the memory of Rod Sakrison in recognition of his effort to increase student involvement in AWRA. Rod was a two-time board president and was instrumental in establishing the University of Washington AWRA Student Chapter. The second award will go to a student enrolled in a graduate program at a college or university in Washington State. 

Fellowship Benefits

Both fellowships are for a full-time graduate student completing an advanced degree in an interdisciplinary water resources subject. In addition to $2,500 in cash, each award includes a one-year membership in both the State and National AWRA, a one-year subscription to the Journal of the American Water Resources Association, and admission to the Washington State Section Annual Conference.


AWRA-WA Fellowship applications are now being accepted for the 2020-21 academic year. If you are, or know of a graduate student studying water resources, applications are due February 12, 2021. Apply at: here. Please contact Stan Miller, Fellowship Committee Chair at with any questions.

2018-2019 Fellowship Recipients

Silas Sleeper - Central Washington University - "Using isotope hydrology and major ion geochemistry to assess potential ASR sites".
Joe Weirich - Eastern Washington University - "Beaver Moderated Fire Resiliency in the North Cascades".

2017-2018 Fellowship Recipients

Marissa Medina - Eastern Washington University - "The Effects of Climate Change in Wetland Carbon Cycling and Microbial Community Dynamics".

2016-2017 Fellowship Recipients

Shahryar Ahmed - University of Washington - "Building Capacity of Satellite Remote-sensing based Natural Hazards Monitoring in South Asian Nations and investigating missed hydropower potential for North American dams".
Justin Pflug - University of Washington - "Using LIDAR to evaluate snow - glacier interface".

2015-2016 Fellowship Recipients

Dallin Jensen - Central Washington University - "Nitrates of Atmospheric Origin in Groundwater of the Lower Yakima Valley".
Melanie Thornton - Washington State University - "Collaborative Modeling in the Spokane River Basin: Engaging Stakeholders to Explore Basin-wide Water Management Strategies".

2014-2015 Fellowship Recipients

Melanie Thornton - "Collaborative Modeling in the Spokane River Basin: Engaging Stakeholders to Explore Basin-wide Water Management Strategies".
Ashley Adams - "Determining the Effects of Vegetation on Levee Structural Integrity on the Green River in King County, WA".

2013-2014 Fellowship Recipients

Brian Henn - "Development of Statistical Tools for Estimating Air Temperature, Precipitation and Snowpack in Mountain Watersheds".
Hossein Sadeghi - "Center Pivot Lateral Speed Adjustment Based on Weather Parameters".

2012-2013 Fellowships Recipients

Katrina Mendrey - "Additives to soils in bioswales to maximize contaminant removal; update of nutrients by Douglas Fir".
Susan Dickerson-Lange - "Investigating the effect of forest characteristics on snowpack accumulation and ablation in mountain watersheds".

2011-2012 Fellowships Recipients

Daniel Haskell - The characterization of phthalate ester sources to the Foss Superfund Site using principle component analysis".
Cristine Schucker - "Variation in microbial populations among tributaries of Latah Creek".


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